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A Comprehensive Guide to Reflective Essay Writing

As you might have gathered from its name; a reflective essay requires you to do quite a bit of thinking beforehand. While writing, you are meant to be examining a subject for your reader. After spending what probably feels like hours in serious contemplation about what you will write, you probably feel very prepared to write your essay. This is a common misconception among students that always leads to poorly written reflection essays. Do not start writing without a comprehensive plan, no matter how much reflection you have done. Here is all you need to know about planning and writing such essays.

Understanding What Is a Reflective Essay

This is an essay that describes a subject and analyzes it for the reader. You may choose to reflect on a memory, an event, or experience you have had. You will then analyze it and draw lessons from it from your point of view. To understand what is a reflective essay, you must think of it as a personal diary written for others to read.

How to Write a Reflective Essay Explained

To write a good essay, you must be able to execute your ideas with precision. Reflection papers have a habit of getting too wordy as you put all your ideas in writing. Start by reading other reflective articles and papers to get an idea of what is expected. Although this essay requires you to do quite a lot of thinking, be careful not to get overwhelmed and go around in circles.

Knowing how to write a reflective essay requires that you prepare a plan, write an outline, choose an appropriate format, and then execute your idea in an organized manner. The outline will allow you to organize your thoughts while a plan will ensure you do not go off-topic and end up with a long ramble that will do little to impress your instructor.

Choosing a Reflective Essay Format

Since you are reflecting on your own experiences, the format you choose should allow you not only to tell a story but also explore the lessons learned and key takeaways from that particular event. The reflective essay format you use may vary depending on who your audience is. The two most common formats for such essays are:

Academic Reflective Essay Structure Simplified

In most class assignments, you will have to use the academic format. The reflective essay structure may require you to discuss personal experiences to aid your growth or analyze a given work of literature or art to give more insight from your perspective. Whatever the case, the academic format must include

If you are not sure whether you have gotten this structure right, you can consult paper24x7 writers to edit your paper accordingly.

Writing a Good Reflective Essay Thesis

The thesis for reflective essay is a summary of the particular event or experience that had such a great impact on you that you chose to write about it. The importance of this thesis is that it gives your essay some direction. It also reveals to the reader what to expect right from the start. With a well-written thesis, you are bound to have an organized paper that meets all the assignment requirements.

An important tip while writing a reflective essay thesis is to do it in moderation. Your statement must have just enough details to motivate the reader to continue and find out more. Giving too little information makes you appear unsure wile too much information may immediately satisfy the reader’s curiosity, giving them no reason to continue reading your essay.

Pick a Reflective Essay Topic You Can Relate To

Although reflective essays relay personal experiences, you must choose a topic that you can support with theory from various sources. Remember that the experience may leave some doubts and questions in the reader’s mind. You will have instances where you need to quote a different source to convince your reader. Here are a few topics that might be suitable when writing a reflective essay:

This list contains ideas that you can use to come up with reflective essay titles. A good title is not too wordy, so you must think of how to summarize the idea you choose into a good reflective essay topic.

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