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Receive a Custom Compare and Contrast Essay before the Deadline

A compare and contrast paper is a common form of academic essay. Teachers usually assign this task for humanities classes. What is the point? The idea is to make a student find differences and similarities between two or more people, objects, events, etc. Comparing and contrasting things is a valuable life skill that helps in decision-making, so you should not underestimate this assignment.

However, you do not always have time and other resources to do every homework task. From compare and contrast essay topics to the writing process itself, we will explain how this type of paper should be developed and the way our company can help you. We usually create custom papers before the deadline!

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay: Pre-Writing Phase

What is the first thing you have to know? Most of the students forget about the so-called pre-writing phase when it comes to essays. If you wish to learn how to write a compare and contrast essay, you should not ignore the tips on selecting a topic or hook. Many students make a big mistake when they begin to write an intro immediately. A series of preparation steps are required.

No matter whether you have some specific compare and contrast essay ideas to cover or not, research is an inevitable process. If your tutor assigns a particular topic, you do not have to search for one, but you still need to collect evidence for your forthcoming paper. Without facts, quotes, and statistics, your words will be nothing but idle chatter. Sure, students have and are welcome to share their opinion, but it has to be supported by some facts and examples.

If you have no specific ideas to cover, the only way out is to brainstorm. Create a list of themes you may love to discuss, and choose the most related one to your recently covered lessons.

During your study of the sources, take notes. Simply highlight the terms, phrases, and quotes that you plan to use in your paper.

It all starts from a so-called outline, which serves as an action plan for your entire writing. Essays are usually made of five paragraphs, and compare and contrast paper is not an exception. Thus, you will need an outline made of five parts:

Do not forget to add a Works Cited page in the end! Only after having a detailed plan, you may get to writing the piece. Of course, if you have one of our writers as your assistant, you do not have to worry about these pre-writing stages!

The Process of Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

To avoid the complex process of writing this type of work, you can delegate it to our team of experts that will never let you down. With their in-depth knowledge of different subjects and topics, they will develop the best solution for you.

They are well aware of the entire process: from how to start a compare and contrast essay to the approaches to citing and formatting your work. Once you place an order on our website, here is how the procedure will look like:

With us, writing a compare and contrast essay becomes as easy as ABC. You can also be sure that our expert will insert credible evidence throughout the paper. They will also create a Works Cited page. What is more important, you will not need to proofread your text as our Quality Assurance Department will do that for you.

Get Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas from Professionals

We bet that no one can recommend better ideas for your papers than our experts. They are all qualified writers with honorable certificates from the top universities of the UK and the US. They have dedicated most of their lives to helping students with their homework assignments. That is how you can be sure that they will pick the best ideas for your job and cover them fully.

Each of our professionals has English as a native language, so any confusing formulations are excluded. They compose every compare and contrast paper from scratch, and our QAD checks it for plagiarism. Once you receive the completed work, you can be sure that it corresponds to the highest academic standards of writing.

Buy a Powerful Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis

Some students come to our website to order just some parts of the papers or editing instead of writing from scratch. Right, such options are possible too.

Most commonly, students ask us to complete only a thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay. It is not the same as an MA thesis! Those are a few sentences (or even a single one) that should be proven and defended in the rest of the doc. We recommend leaving at least this part to our writers as they are experts in building solid thesis statements. It will be way simpler for you to compose the rest of the paper then.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics and Examples

Having an example of work in front of your eyes is the best tutorial and writing tip. On our website, you can view hundreds of essay samples. We offer them free of charge, so you lose nothing. You may read our examples to get an overall idea of how your paper written by our pros will look like. Here are some of the topics that our pros can cover for your compare and contrast assignment:

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