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College Application Essay: Writing Guide and Professional Help

If you are not a student of the higher educational institution yet, you may want to learn how to write a college application essay. That is what you need, along with your GPA and test results to become a part of the target college.

Our professional academic writers know everything about application writing as they used to be in the same situation as you. They are all graduates of the top elite colleges and universities of the US and the UK, so they can teach you everything: from choosing the stunning college application essay topics to writing itself.

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What Makes a Good College Application Essay

There is a big difference between just any application paper, a good one, and an outstanding piece that will serve your ticket to the target school, college, or university. Based on the winning examples and experience of our professional writers, we have collected the tips & tricks that would help on your way to entering college. Here we go:

Writing a college application essay is not just about summarizing some story or sharing information. It is not enough to list your achievements or countries that you have visited. You should provide more than the play-by-play or itinerary. Explain how important that particular experience was to you and describe your impressions.

It is vital to begin your story with something unique. Do not start with the reasons to apply. It is better to think about a famous quote, shocking statistics, or rhetorical question to engage your audience from the opening lines.

It is impossible to compose a good college application essay without proofreading and editing the final draft several times. If you have no chance to start working on your paper ahead to leave some time for revisions, turn to our team of experts. Even the smallest typos count, and our editors will get rid of them all! Send your paper to our service, and our experts will polish your work.

How to Write a College Application Essay: Your Personal Advisor

Just like any other academic paper, a college application essay should have a proper structure. The outline will look at this way: introduction – body – conclusion. You should also involve transitions between paragraphs to make your text flow logically. There is no need to include a Works Cited/References page as this is a creative type of document which does not require any supporting evidence from external sources.

As we have mentioned, we represent a company that assist students with various types of papers, including an admission one. Thus, if you have problems with any of the sections or the full essay, turn to us. We are available at any time, so you may get help even at night. Our services are all safe, and we deal only with the secure online payment methods.

Now, it is time to talk about another significant element – a college application essay format. It does not require as strict guidelines as MLA or APA style but still has some peculiarities.

Which College Application Essay Format to Choose

It is critical to format an application essay just like you do with any other type of academic writing. First of all, consider the margin around the page. You shouldn’t fret about it as Microsoft Word, and the similar programs offer pre-formatted settings for various types of official docs. It is possible to customize the default format based on the requirements of the target institution. 1-inch normal is recommended in most cases.

In any case, our experts will structure and format your papers as required by the most educational institutions. They will pick a readable font. Unless you are preparing a CV for the arts program or other creative purposes, they will use Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The size should not exceed 12-points unless you do not have much text to share (then, you can make it 14-point maximum).

One more thing to discuss is spacing. Send us the admission instructions of your specific college so that our writers will get familiar with all the requirements (though the essays you used to write before were most probably double-spaced). Our experts will use the alignment of the text specified in the guidelines.

Finally, it is important to align this entire text left. That is how to format a college application essay. Our experts have written thousands if not millions of college admission papers, so leave the formatting to them. It is included in the total price per order.

How Do College Application Essay Prompts Look Like?

How are the college application essay prompts different from the specific topics? Those are the particular instructions that contain several questions or ideas to discuss. If you ask us for help, we will come up with the best prompts for you.

Where to Get Outstanding College Application Essay Topics

Now that you know how to write a college application essay, you may wonder whether we can pick some good topics for you. If you buy a custom application paper, our writers will offer the best ideas for your story. You will have to share some details about your educational background as well as skills and areas of expertise so that we can pick a proper topic for discussion.

Our goal is to make your essay original, fresh, and winning! You will not face any security issues on our website as it is an officially registered online business. Place an order at our paper24x7 service now to have your application paper fully edited or written from scratch!

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