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Writing a Successful Cause and Effect Essay

An essay writing assignment will come up every other time, be it a descriptive, comparison, controversial or an expository one. Preparing a cause and effect paper, however, is more straightforward than you think. You should not have to stay up for many nights, putting it together. We explore how to write a cause and effect essay, how to select appropriate topics, and how you can get online writing help.

What Is a Cause and Effect Essay? Understanding the Basics

Before you get to the actual writing, you should have sufficient knowledge on the ins and outs of a cause and effect essay. Such a paper states an occurrence, explains the reasons behind it as well as the consequences after it happens. For example, a paper on obesity would examine its causes as well as the effects of having such a disease.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Like a Pro

While writing this essay, you must follow the general rules of essay writing, including format, length, and use of formal language. This paper also requires you to use your analytical and cognitive skills to adequately examine an event or happening and explain the results they had.

Just like in writing any other essay, this one follows a particular structure. It also requires that you thoroughly understand the assignment at hand. Look through the instructions given that include the font type and size you are required to use, the paper length and referencing style. Also, remember to give attention to detail.

How to Write Cause and Effect Essay Step by Step

In as much as writing this essay may be straightforward, you will need to plan your work, do research and then compile your article. It still requires a lot of work. Having answered “what is a cause and effect essay?” it is time to get straight into writing. This is a simple, 5 step process for writing a cause and effect essay.

In the case that the prompt provides a general question, you will have to narrow it down and settle on a specific occurrence. You must understand that proper selection of a subject matter goes a long way in helping you draft a good essay. Brainstorm and list topics that you are interested in. Proceed to pick about five cause and effect essay topics that you would like to write about. Finally, settle for one that will give you enough information to cover the length limit you are required to meet. Ensure your idea is within the provided topic parameters.

In every paper you will write, proper research will always be a crucial component. Use only reliable sources like scholarly journals, books, and articles as a lot of work went into writing them. A good number of websites on the internet will provide shallow content on your subject matter. They may sometimes also give you wrong information. Writing inaccurate information will deny you a good score.

The library would be an excellent place to start looking. Use only references that were published between 5 to 10 years ago because they are up to date. Always note down the sources and remember to include a comprehensive reference list.

There are many ways of writing an outline. You can draw a tree diagram that has all the main points divided into smaller points. This will organize your ideas and help you draft coherent paragraphs.

Like any other essay, this one must have the following sections:

It introduces the reader to the occurrence you intend to discuss and gives some background information. Your beginning should, therefore, be catchy so as that the reader develops an interest in your essay. It also includes a thesis statement, which is your main argument. It summarizes your main point and usually is a single sentence and appears in the middle or at the end of your introductory paragraph

This is the longest section and comprises of a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph ought to carry one central point, which should be well illustrated and backed up with evidence and examples. Here you examine the causes and then its consequences. Ensure your argument is logical and robust. Make sure that there is a transition from a paragraph to the next. Keep in mind that there should be a link between the cause and its outcome.

The conclusion sums up your paper. It highlights the main points and using different sets of words restates your thesis. Do not introduce new ideas or ask irrelevant questions. Do not make it too long because, at this point, you are merely concluding your work. Make it interesting. You do not want to leave your reader disappointed.

The final step is proofreading your work. Read through your whole article and check for any mistakes that you may have made. Correct all grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, and any instances of repetition. Also, cross-check your facts and statistics. Remove any information that is not accurate. You can also request a college through your work and make recommendations.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure Simplified

Since you are creating a cause and effect paper, you need to decide which structure is best to use. There are two structures you can choose to use. We outline them below.

In this cause and effect essay structure, you first list the causes and afterward the effects. It is used when writing essays that are not very detailed.

In this technique, you write a reason, and in the same paragraph, you outline its results. It is instrumental when writing an essay where the cause and effects are directly related.

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

When brainstorming for cause and effect essay ideas, there is no limit to what you can settle on. You are not limited to a boring historical topic or a complex medical subject, any of these listed here might be ideal for you:

You now know all about how to write cause and effect essay that is sure to give you a fantastic score.

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