What is a Position Paper

July 10, 2019

What is a Position Paper? Learn Here

Several issues affect society. They range from leadership issues, corruption, economic issues, and how to manage a different health condition. As a student, you have a stand on how these issues should be handled. The position paper is a chance for you to give your scholarly opinion on the issues that affect society and the solutions that can work.

To be more specific, what is a position paper? It is an academic paper in which you are expected to give your position on an issue. Unlike in informal conversations where you can give your speculations without being compelled to give supporting evidence, the positional papers demand that you give an opinion that is backed by facts.

Many people find it hard to write these papers because they confuse them with other types of essays. It is important that you identify the distinction between this paper type and the others. In the process, you can write better content.

Tips on How to Write a Position Paper Effectively

Now that you already know the definition of this paper, it is time to move to the next level; how to write a position paper. There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your paper is magnificent. Pick on a topic that suits you. Experts advise that you should take a subject that is interesting to you. With a subject you love, you can defend your position more passionately ensuring that you have a comprehensible piece in the process. The topic should also be related to your area of study. For instance, if you are taking an economics course, you should consider things that affect many people, such as inflation and taxation. Look at the scope as well. The content should be something that can be covered within the paper at hand. Most importantly, take on something that can raise debate.

Where there is already a position paper topic provided by the professor, ensure that you understand it. Taking a position means that you need to know what to talk about. Where the topic seems too complicated, your professor can help with important ideas on how to approach it.

You have to research to obtain the facts that can inform your decision to pick a particular side. The professors want to see those who have fresh position paper ideas. As such, you should do your research from credible sources. Now that you have the information assess the position that is most appropriate for you. Work on how you intend to defend your perspective. Before you begin writing a position paper, ensure the points you have are enough. Otherwise, you should continue with your research.

What Is the Appropriate Position Paper Format?

When you already have your points, decide on where you want to write them. The professors also assess how organized you are in the presentation of your arguments. There are three sections of the paper that you need to write properly:

  • Introduction

This is the first part. Make it enticing so that the professor can proceed to the next part. State your position right from the start so that the readers already know what you intend to write on. Bring the element of suspense through the thesis statement.

  • Body

In this part, write the two sides of the argument. However, dwell more on the position that you have taken. Work on how to deal with the counterarguments. Explain each idea properly and move on to the next. State the idea and follow it up with the supporting evidence.

  • Conclusion

This is the last part of the position paper format. At this point, you need to emphasize why you picked on the position as you give an overview of the main ideas in the paper.

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