Technical Paper Format

July 10, 2019

A Guide on the Technical Paper Format

At this point, you may have completed the whole research process. Additionally, you have recorded all the information obtained, and you have the list with the resources that you have used. The main issue that may be troubling you is the technical paper format. You are not alone. Many students get to such a point. It can be frustrating if you do not have an idea of how to forge forward.

You need to tailor that research paper to the standards demanded by the professor to have the chance of getting a good grade. There are many formatting rules that you need to be well-versed in before you begin such a task. For every paper that is issued, there are specific formatting rules that you need to follow.

How to Format a Technical Paper Successfully

As you learn how to format a technical paper, you need to look at other prepared papers by experts and find out what they do. When you look at the overview of these papers, you notice they it is made up of different sections:

  • Cover page

This is where your paper begins. On this part, you need to write the title of your paper. Write your name too because you are the author of the content contained. Additionally, include the institution you are affiliated to as well as your contact information. If a group prepares the paper, specify the role played of each player.

  • Abstract

In the technical white paper format, this is where you give a summary of what is contained in the paper. Provide an overview of your subject in discussion, write the findings from research, and include the conclusion of the paper. Since it is through the abstract that the readers can decide whether to read your content or not, make it interesting. At this point, it is not necessary to add the citations. Since you are writing a technical paper, do not use abbreviations or acronyms here as the readers may not be well-versed with such short forms.

  • Keywords

The professor needs to understand your research paper well. After you complete the abstract, specify the keywords for easier comprehension. After the keyword, include a colon and the required explanation. That applies even when using technical paper format word.

  • Introduction and methodologies

This is where the reader gets the first impression of what the paper is about and your level of competence. Give the background information on the subject. Begin with a general view as you become more specific as you move on.

Explain how you did the research here. Give the procedure you used during the process of seeking information. You can also give the reasons why you used those specific methods. Give the specifications of the techniques you used. For instance, you can tell the readers that you conducted a face-to-face interview.

  • Results and discussion

Here, tell the readers what you found from your research. Give an outline of the main results. At this point, do not do your analysis. Follow the white paper format technical. For easier comprehension, use tables and graphs to group the findings.

In the discussion section, give the interpretation of your results. From the interpretation, give the readers your conclusion. Identify the areas in the research that require more work for those who intend to do related research in the future.

  • Conclusion

Even as you follow the AAPG technical paper format, ensure this section of the paper is powerful. Tell the readers, the specific areas that need more research as well. Keep the conclusion short.

The other considerations that you need to take care of include:

Respect the AAPG Technical Paper Format Rules

Ensure that all the information you write is cited properly and the guidelines of this format respected.

Follow the ASCE Technical Paper Format

Where the specification is that you should use the ASCE technical paper format, adhere to that.

Know the IEEE Technical Paper Format

IEEE technical paper format is not familiar to many people. Ensure you learn it where you are expected to use it.

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