Starting an Essay with a Quote

July 10, 2019

Starting an Essay with a Quote and Other Methods

The professor can gauge your competence right from the beginning of your essay. The first impression matters. You need to begin well so that you can attract the attention of the readers. There are many ways you can hook the readers to the content in the body of your essay. Starting an essay with a quote is just one of these methods.

Some students struggle when it comes to beginning the essays. While there are those who do not have an idea of how to frame a hook statement, the majority begin their essays by going straight to the main discussion. That is not right as it sends signals to the professor that you do not know what you are doing. Here are other ways of starting essay.

What to Do Before Starting an Essay

You cannot go straight into essay writing before you do the preparation. The work begins by understanding the content that you are expected to present. Therefore, read the essay question carefully. Internalize the key phrases used. Where you are expected to create your topic, be creative enough to generate one that is interesting to your professor. Look at the formatting requirements to know the sequence the information you collect should follow. After that, do your research from sources you are sure is relevant. Ensure the fact-finding covers all the aspects of the question you have. You then sort the information you have to determine what ends up in your final paper. After deciding the outline, starting an essay is fine.

The Recommended Essay Starting Words

Normally, the professor does not expect you to write an essay that is full of formalities. When you write such, you make the content boring for the readers. The priority of any essay writer is to keep the readers interested in the content presented. Use different techniques to grab and keep them interested in your content. Whether you are starting a narrative essay or any other essay type, this is important.

A hook refers to the first statements that you use in the piece. Its purpose is to introduce the readers to the content of the essays. These readers should be interested. As a result, prepare a hook that can make the readers glued to the rest of the work.

These hooks are sometimes hard to come up with. Different factors come into play as you decide on the essay hook. These include:

  • The essay type you are preparing
  • Your writing styles
  • The general structure of your paper

Consider these essay starting words for the best results:

Beginning the Essay with Quotes from People

Direct quotes from people the reader can identify with can make your essay more interesting to read. They should include:

Opinions from Books by Reputable Authors

You can use this hook if the writing is based on an author or an analysis of literary works that the reader knows. However, ensure that you write is relevant to your work.

Starting an Essay with a Question from a Famous Person

When you mention anything said by an influential person, people get interested. Starting an essay with a question of that nature is a good strategy too.

Pose Your Question at the Beginning

When you pose a question that is structured properly when starting essay, you create suspense. The readers would love to know how you respond to that question. The trick here is to ensure you do not ask those questions that only prompt ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ responses. It should be something that prompts a discussion.

Make a Visual Scene for the Readers

Play with people’s imagination. The readers want something that they can visualize as they read the essay. You can give a vivid description of an event, object, or person. This can be an alternative to starting essay with quote.

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