Writing a Research Paper Title Page Is Not That Difficult Anymore

March 30, 2019
research paper title page

Imagine a situation where you have been given a difficult research paper assignment on a topic that you have not tackled before and the format needed is strange to you. You find this topic difficult because you have missed several classes where the instructor taught about it. You might also have other related assignments that require your attention, and you do not have extra time to use it to format the research paper title page. The only alternative left is to get on your computer and try to find guidance on how to format a title page. Guess what? We are right here to help when you need us the most. The procedure for titling includes:

  • Place 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides.
  • Indent the first line of every paragraph, excluding for the reference page.
  • Ensure your work is in Times New Roman, font 12.
  • Ensure that your entire paper is double-spaced.
  • Include a “running head” on the header for the title page if the paper is in APA format.

Characteristics of a Good Paper Title

Writing a Research Paper Title Page Is Not That Difficult AnymoreThere are several features of a paper title that make it appear credible and fit for submission to the instructor. They include:

  • Proper format

You are probably afraid of getting a lower score than you expect because you did not format the title page for research paper correctly. Make sure you follow the formatting rules that are stipulated by academic guidelines as well as the appropriate formatting style.

  • Informative title

What is a proper title page research paper without an informative title? You should ensure that your title is clear and contains just the right number of words. No need to have a boring title as well. Nobody wants to open a document, and the first thing they see is a boring, obsolete title.

  • Accuracy

The title of the research paper should convey a message of exactly what the paper is about. It should be an exact representation of facts.

  • Originality

A good title will be unique from the rest of those that your colleagues will come up with simply because you invented it all by yourself. Originality is a key factor to consider in any paper that you are assigned to write.

 Tips on How to Title a Research Paper Perfectly

There are several useful tips on how to write an outstanding research paper title. They include:

  • Make it simple, brief and captivating

The main function of a title is to provide a clear summary of the paper’s main ideas. So keep the title brief and precise. Use active verbs instead of complicated phrases, and avoid extra information. Additionally, a good title for a research paper is normally around 10 to 12 words long. A long title may seem too busy and drive the readers’ attention away from key points. Include appropriate descriptive keywords that readers are most likely to look for.

  • Use relevant descriptive words

A good research title should include keywords used in the paper and should define the type of study. Think about terms people would while searching for your research and place them in your title.

  • Avoid abbreviations

Known abbreviations such as AIDS can be put in the title. However, other less popular or specific abbreviations that would not be immediately familiar to the readers should not be used.

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