5 Exciting Narrative Writing Prompts for You

May 17, 2019
Narrative Writing Prompts for You

What is narrative writing? What should a student reflect in such type of writing? These questions are frequently asked by students when they receive creative writing assignments. Right, a narrative is all about being creative, and such type of essay almost has no rules or limits. You should not follow a typical outline, for instance. We will discuss other peculiarities in this post.

What Is Narrative Writing? Definition and Goals

A narrative essay is the most creative type of academic writing. A narrative itself is storytelling. Thus, it reminds students of a reflective essay with the only difference that they should come up with the story and characters instead of reflecting an episode from their real life.

You should also know the elements of narrative writing. Each of them should be present in your paper to make it of this genre. They involve:

Organization/structure: An author should understand the shape of a narrative along with the salient features;

Entertaining openings: A writer should know the story’s function and goals and develop a hook at the beginning to catch an eye of the reader. It is also important to come up with the particular strategies and approaches to writing;

Elaborative detail: It is not enough to fill out the story with adjectives. One has to understand the power of elaboration (e.g., let the reader feel in the character’s shoes or sense objects), when elaboration fits in, and how to develop this element;

Suspense: It is all about the tension of the story that motivates the audience to keep on reading it. It is critical to decide on the way to build suspension;

Entirely elaborated main episodes: An essay must have one main event and some supporting (a thesis and supporting arguments/evidence). A combination of action, explanation, descriptive details, dialogues, emotions, and thoughts is what helps to make the story look complete;

Extended endings: The main hero should share his or her memories, hopes, beliefs, and decisions that relate to the main event.

Knowing the elements alone is not enough. An author should also tell different types of narrative writing and choose the one based on the story genre and nature.

Study the Different Types of Narrative Writing

Before starting to write, decide on the type of narrative paper. Usually, it should be obvious from the narrative writing prompts. However, tutors do not always specify which type of essay they are looking for, so check out the list of available narrative pieces.

If your goal is to create a sense of setting, location, and place through involving detailed descriptions of these elements along with the characters, a descriptive narrative essay is right what you need. Such type of essay also conveys the mood and tone of time and place. For instance, it is up to the writer to create a cheerful mood throughout the story, using appropriate literary devices and words.

Another type of narrative writing is a viewpoint one. The goal of such paper is to present episodes to the audience so that they understand the events of the story via the author’s feelings, wishes, values, and emotions. This type of essay is very personal, and the author should share his or her feelings and opinions all the time. We can call it the process of writing a personal narrative.

A historical narrative is, perhaps, the easiest type of narrative essays. You should simply base your story on already existing facts and statistics. One has to add more details and descriptions to the historical events to make it more interesting to read about them. The idea is to show a specific historical process.

In a linear narrative, an author should describe the events in chronological order without jumping from one part to another with no respect to the time. Creating a sense of real life is the main purpose of such fiction stories.

Finally, we have a non-linear narrative, which is a more chaotic one. A great example could be the stories told by Quentin Tarantino as his movies rarely show everything in chronological order. Now, it is time to share some personal narrative writing prompts with you.

The Chosen Personal Narrative Writing Prompts for You

So, are you looking for some of the top ideas for your paper? We have prepared a short yet useful list for you!

  • Favorite high school memory: my graduation day
  • The frightening story for kids: how I almost died one summer
  • “Just between friends” story: sharing a personal secret with someone you trust
  • Travel story: one day in Rome
  • Success story: how I got my first summer job

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