How to Write an Interview Paper

July 10, 2019

How to Write an Interview Paper Flawlessly

College papers are serious affairs. If you overlook anything, you end up with an unimpressive grade. That is not what you want for yourself. You have to be serious right from the moment the question is issued. Where the instruction is that you should choose your topic, ensure you settle for one that you can do well.

While other papers require that you research from books, an interview paper diverts from the norm. The directive is that you should obtain the information from knowledgeable people in the form of an essay. It can be a little confusing to write this essay at first. Once you have the right information, everything flows. To get the right response on how to write an interview paper, you need to read this article.

Writing a Cultural Interview Paper Expertly

You have seen the interviews presented in magazines and other forums. The interviews in such places can range from one person with no upper limit. These interviews aim to find out the opinion one holds on an array of issues. An interview can also form part of an academic assignment.

A cultural interview paper aims to give a view on a societal happening based on what the people interrogated have to say. Conducting an actual interview is necessary if you want to receive first-hand responses from experts in a given field. Avoid the question and answer sessions if you can get the information from books or other publications. With the answers you have, organize the content appropriately and begin your writing process.

To begin the work, specify the exact objective of your paper. In this case, it is a cultural issue that needs answers. This is your topic of discussion in the essay. From there, you can list those questions that need to be answered. Ensure that your questions are clear. You can then identify the people that can give you answers to the specific questions you have. Record the responses you get in the form of short notes or an audio clip.

With the responses you have, sort what you want to include in your paper and leave out the other information. Follow the specified outline when writing an interview paper. If there is anything unclear, seek the needed clarification from the professor. Conduct an incisive interview for authoritative content.

Preparing the Interview Format Paper

Your content should flow such that the reader can tell when you make a transition from one idea to the next. Having a previously prepared outline ensures you do not deviate to other issues that are not part of your topic. There are three sections in the interview format paper. What they contain are explained below:

  • Introduction

At this point, you need to tell the readers what your topic is about. As you give the background information, include statistics, and ask fundamental questions on the topic. That way, the readers can become interested to know the answers presented in the body. In the thesis statement, provide the details of the people who provided the answers in the interview and the main question they answered. Make the reader interested in what you have to offer.

  • The main body

When presenting an interview style paper, you can use different approaches to write your content in the body. The first way is to handle it on a person-by-person basis. Here, you exhausted the issues raised by one person on the subject matter before you move on to the next person. If you decide to take this route, do not mix up the interviewees in the same paragraph. The other approach is to write on every issue in their paragraph. As you discuss a given issue, write what all the interviewees think about it before you move to the next.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, write the final stand of the interviewees. Where they do not give a final verdict, use their answers to conclude. Other considerations include:

Write Interview Style Paper Properly

Because not is an interview, there are instances where you can directly quote the responses. You can paraphrase others. Ensure the paper is complete.

Follow APA Interview Paper Style

Be well-versed with the APA rules and follow them. If you do not know how to write an interview paper in APA format, consult the professor. All in all, ensure the APA interview paper is perfect.

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