How to Make a Good Title for an Essay: Guide for Students

May 17, 2019
Good Title for an Essay

Titling an essay is half way to success. It should not sound the same way as the chosen topic. It should catch the eye of the reader. A title speaks volumes about the content of an essay or another literary piece. It may predetermine further destiny of a book; whether it will be sold successfully or not. Titles are as powerful as covers.

Students who have to write essays should come up with original titles instead of simply copying the topic and inserting it as a heading. A title is what the reader first sees, and it has to be engaging. You may wonder, but deciding on a good title for essay may require more time than crafting an outline, for example, or conducting research. It takes time and diligence. What you should look for is the so-called “wow effect” when creating a title.

One has to use keywords and well as other hints from the prompt when developing a good title. There are more things that you have to consider if you wish to grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning. In this brief guide provided by experts from our academic writing service, you can discover the basic secrets of a great essay title. Use these tips each time you have to work on an academic or creative paper. So, “what is a good title?”

What Is a Good Title? Brief Explanation

How can one define an excellent title for a paper? Pay attention to how the masterpieces you personally like are named. One may recall “In Search of Lost Time,” “War and Peace,” “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” “The Divine Comedy,” “Crime and Punishment,” etc. All of these titles are intriguing enough to start reading a book only because of them.

You should keep in mind that various types of essays have the same pattern for writing a title. It does not matter whether you are working on a definition essay or argumentative paper; you should stick to the main formula. The elements of a title are the same everywhere:

  • Attention Grabber: A student should think about a hook to draw the reader’s attention. Introducing the topic from the creative aspect is important. Titling is like icing on a cake: it shows how beautiful the cake is to people. An excellent example of a hook in a title could be “Last Journey: The Trip to Eternity.” The phrase “last journey” represents tragedy, and that is why it serves as a good hook.
  • Relevant Keywords: One has to search the web looking for the relevant keywords related to the chosen topic or just use some mentioned in the essay prompt. If you wish to learn how to make a good title for blog posts, for instance, you should get into search engine optimization and start using some free tools for keyword selection. As a student, it is enough that you highlight the keywords and phrases in the instructions based on your best guess. A keyword is a component that should always answer the question, “What?”
  • Focus Keywords: Such extra keywords help the reader to define the location and time when the story takes place. Such words should answer the questions, “When?” and “Where?” They provide additional info about the topic. An example could be, “Classrooms That Have no Walls: Remote Education in the Age of Advanced Technologies.” The first part is the catchy hook. Topic keywords are “remote education” while “in the age of advanced technologies” are focus keywords as they answer to both questions “When?” and “Where?”

No matter how creative writing title is, there is still this simple formula to follow. Now, it is time to talk a bit about good title fonts as it is a critical element of formatting.

How to Choose Good Title Fonts

When titling an academic paper, one has to follow the general guidelines of the preferred citation format. In most cases, academic writing requires Times New Roman or Arial. Whether to make a heading bold or not, put in quotation marks or not, the answers are all in the writing guide manuals. Choose the latest editions when formatting your work. Typically, it is Times New Roman 12 pt. A title is centered.

Now that you know how to make a good title for an essay, you may still need some help with your essays. You do not have to search elsewhere: the answer is right in front of your nose. Our professional team of paper24x7 writing service is ready to arm you to teeth with papers with unique titles. Let us know what type of assistance you need in the order form.