Master the Art of Writing an Autobiography Essay in Several Easy Steps

May 19, 2019
Autobiography Essay in Several Easy Steps

An autobiography is a great chance for a student to finally talk about themselves instead of covering topics their teachers assign. It is an opportunity to let people learn more about yourself, share your life story, and focus more on personal interests rather than academic subjects. This type of paper can even help to enter college or get a job as it may serve as an excellent addition to admission essay or resume. Such type of writing develops creativity – it is up to a writer how he or she will present the story of his/her own life. It can be straightforward and boring or full of exciting details.

In this post, we will discuss how to write an autobiography essay. You might need this skill for your English composition class, the application process, or grown-up life. You may even sell your autobiography later and earn good money if it is interesting and inspiring enough.

Here Is How to Write an Autobiography Essay

To begin with, an autobiography essay is a paper about something an author has experienced or entire life. Brainstorming upon personal experience to choose the topic for discussion is something you have to do before starting to write your paper.

The first question that may come to your mind once you decide on a topic is how to start an autobiography essay. Unlike other types of essays, you might not need to write an outline. However, we strongly recommend having at least some kind of a plan not to get lost or stuck during the writing process. The best way to begin an autobiography essay about myself is to involve a hook:

  • Rhetorical question
  • Fact or statistics
  • Anecdote or joke
  • Literary quote
  • Quotation of a famous person
  • Simile, metaphor, or another literary device

How about Autobiography Essay Format?

One more question that might pop up is an autobiography essay format. Unlike in other types of academic essays, there is no specific format. While the structure still should look close to introduction-body-conclusion formula, there are no strict rules regarding the format. The best idea is to use the format established by the Modern Language Association – MLA. It means using Times New Roman 12 pt. font as a preferred one. You can check MLA guides online to see how your paper should look like once you are done. Also, there is no need to create a separate Works Cited page and refer to other sources.

Educational Autobiography Essay Sample

One of the genres of autobiography is an educational autobiography essay. Students usually get ready with one to apply for college or university. It should persuade the admission officers that education is essential to the specific applicant. We will provide an example of an extract from edu autobiography. It will help to see the difference between this and other types of autobiographies.

“From a young age, my parents explained to me how to grow the mindset based on “Mindset” written by C. S. Dweck. The main idea is that it is based on the belief that human traits can be cultivated through their efforts. Throughout my school years, I had a great passion for studying, unlike many other kids as I realized the value of self-development. Finishing school with the highest possible GPA was my goal. I knew that setting goals was necessary not ever to stop growing the mindset and expanding the viewpoint. Although I strived to get all A’s, I did not succeed, but it made me want to perform better with each new time until one day, I found myself a high achiever.”

Choosing Topics for Cultural Autobiography Essay

It is not that easy to decide what to cover in your autobiography. Another type of such paper is a cultural essay. You may need the list of good cultural autobiography essay to have an idea of what to discuss in your paper. We have picked the top ones for you:

  • How My Roots Shape My Identity
  • Living in a Suburb vs. Living in a Big City
  • Stories My Parents Told Me about Our Ancestors
  • The Way Cultural Discrimination May Change Personality
  • Comparing and Contrasting Two Different Cultures I Used to Live in
  • Why I Love My People and Our Culture
  • Culture, Customs, and Traditions I was Raised by

I Need to Write My Autobiography Essay – Where Can I Get Help?

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