How to Write Papers in the APA Style Paper Format

March 25, 2019
apa style paper format

Imagine a situation where you have been assigned a paper, and you are required to write using the APA style paper format. At the same time, you did not understand formatting styles well when the instructor was teaching in class. This article will explain to you exactly how to write your paper.

What Is APA Style Paper and How Is It Written?

APA style is the verified style that is used by the American Psychology Association for their academic tasks. An APA style paper is a document that is written following specific guidelines and formatting techniques.  It is used by authors to cite sources for social sciences, psychology, and education. The APA Publication manual highlights the basic rules to follow when using this style to enable you to understand what is APA style paper. They include:

One-Inch Margins

There should be one-inch margins at the left, right, top and bottom that are uniform for the entire paper.

Double-Spaced Document

Your entire paper should be double-spaced.

Special Page Formatting

The title page should have a running head and APA style paper heading summarized to not more than fifty characters, including spaces. It should appear at the top left of the page. Page numbers should also appear on the top right for each page that is written.

Unique Title Page

Your title page will consist of running head and a title that is clear and informative of the paper’s content. The title page also includes the paper title, the student’s name, and their institutional affiliation. Additionally, the title should not exceed a maximum of twelve words.

Paragraph Formatting

The first line of every paragraph should be indented for the whole document except the reference list. The entire document should also be written in Times New Roman font of 12.

Reference List and In-Text Citations

In-text citations are written within the body of the paper and consist of author(s) name and year of publication of the source. The reference list is allocated a page of its own. The references should be written in alphabetical order. The paragraph formatting for the reference list should be hanging indentation.

General Format

Your papers will vary depending on the teacher’s instructions. However, for most papers, you are required to have a title page, an introduction including a thesis statement, well-explained body, conclusion and reference list.

Benefits of Writing a Paper Using the Correct APA Paper Style

How to Write Papers in the APA Style Paper FormatThere are several benefits you may enjoy when you write your paper using our guide:

  • Speedy writing

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More about Writing an APA Style Paper

Just like any other paper, APA paper should have a general format including:

  • An introduction

You should ensure that your paper, just like any other piece of academic writing, has a catchy introduction with the first line of the paragraph bearing hanging indent.

  • An extensive body

Given that subjects like philosophy and social sciences require writing an APA style paper, it is crucial that you carry out intense research. These subjects are usually wide and so should be your body.

  • The chronological order of ideas

You should ensure that your ideas flow effortlessly in your paper and nothing appears forced.

  • A brief conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of ideas, and therefore you should briefly mention the key ideas and restate the thesis statement.

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