American Dream Essay

July 10, 2019

Struggling with American Dream Essay? Use These Tips

By now, you should have heard about the famous American dream. People believed that if you go to America, your life is likely to change for better. The general perceptions that you would have more freedom, enjoy a peaceful environment, have access to better job opportunities, and live a better life. People later came to notice that it may not be true as life in American has its fair share of unique challenges. The drive people had to live a better life in America, and what they encountered is the inspiration behind the American dream essay.

Just like any other essays, you have to show the professor that you perfectly understand what you write about when you have an assignment of this nature to complete. Therefore, you should allocate enough time, commensurate effort, and a great deal of dedication. You should always have it in mind that it is only a qualitative essay that gives you the grade you want.

What Is the American Dream Essay? The Definition

This is an essay to describe the opinion people hold about the American dream. However, you need to back your point of view with facts from reliable essays. You can write the American dream essay on different topics depending on your preference and the directive from your professor. The tip is to ensure that you keep the quality of your essay high. Now that you know what is the American dream essay, you now need to know how to write it

Writing This Essay Type Professionally

An essay’s quality all depends on the effort that you have used in writing it. With a good approach, you are bound to have a stellar essay. Everything begins with the topic you select to base the essay about American dream. Choose an interesting subject. That way, you can attract the professor to read the whole paper and award you a good grade. An interesting idea can also motivate you to conduct comprehensive research. That way, you obtain the supporting evidence that can be more persuasive to the readers of the paper. Besides, the subject should be something you can cover within the scope of the paper.

Secondly, you need to get the ideas to write in the essay on the American dream. The sources you choose should be credible, factual, and authoritative. As you conduct that research, note down the points, you come up with so that you do not forget anything when you begin writing the essay.

Where the outline you should use for the essay has been specified by the professor, you need to organize your points to fit that American dream argumentative essay. Otherwise, you need to sort the points you have. Have a draft of all the ideas you have in point form. Add the supporting evidence in short form plus the specific examples you intend to use. The preparation is to ensure that you write flawlessly. It can be frustrating to get stuck in the middle of the work because you did not plan appropriately.

The next step is to begin writing. How do I write my American dream essay? There are three parts that you should always ensure you have:

  • Introduction

In the introductory paragraph, give the background information on the subject at hand. The thesis statement should outline to the readers the major arguments you intend to discuss in your essay. The more powerful your introduction, the better for you.

  • Body

The body is where you discuss your essay ideas. For every paragraph, introduce the main idea through a clear topic sentence. Accompany the argument with supporting evidence and some relevant examples. In the end, conclude the paragraph as you smoothly transition to the next. For easier comprehension of your work, discuss one idea in every paragraph. For any information you have borrowed, cite it properly.

  • Conclusion

This is the last chance you have to impress your readers about the essay writing prowess. At this point, you need to restate your stand as you give an overview of the ideas discussed in the essay. Take caution not to sound repetitive as you write the American dream in the great Gatsby essay. Restate your thesis statement and briefly explain how you have answered the fundamental questions it has. However, do not introduce anything new here.

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