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The Best Online Help for Article Critique

Writing the critique of an article is a task many students have a problem with. It’s not that the articles are necessarily difficult – actually to write a critique, one must have a thorough understanding of the subject. For example, how can you judge that the commentary on a cricket match is incorrect unless you’ve watched the match yourself! Likewise, you can’t write an article critique without full knowledge of the subject of discussion.

However, there are certain tricks that can help you write a good critique article. There are certain elements in the structure of a critique. If you follow all of them and ensure that the paper does justice to them, the article will surely come out well.

Our academic writing company was made around ten years ago. The mission of our company has always been to extend the best help service to the students. So we not only write a paper24x7 but also offer our clients tips using which they can write the best papers themselves.

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So What Is an Article Critique – Our Experts’ Opinion

Most of our writers have years of experience of working with us. We wanted to make their experience useful for you. So we asked them – what is an article critique? As the term implies, it is a paper that offers criticism on the work of an author. Such papers can be on articles of politics, theology, sports, or other fields of science. The writer of the critique comments on the content of the article, the authenticity of the information presented, and his/her views on the approach used by the author.

How to Write an Article Critique? – Tips that Always Work

We also asked our experts – how to do an article critique? They said that a student should take care of these points – the first thing you should do is read the article several times until you understand it fully. If you comprehend all the details in one go, well and good! As you read the article, prepare your notes. Many students can understand the text but still have no idea how to write an article critique. So it’s important to notice what points used by the author you agree with and what points you don’t find logical.

Pay attention to the data cited by the author. Ask yourself – is the data retrieved from reliable sources? Look at the details of the author trying to understand his/her education, profession, and experience. This will help you know whether the author is expert in the field the article is about or not. Discuss the notes you have prepared while writing an article critique.

A Step-by-Step Process for Writing an Article Critique

Write a thesis statement that sums up the article’s summary and your generic opinion of the article. Next, make topic sentences from the thesis and discuss a unique aspect in each body paragraph. For example, you can reserve a paragraph for the summary, the next for the examples used by the author, a third paragraph for the authenticity of the information, and the last one for your reaction. Not to mention, you should include an introduction at the start and a conclusion at the end of the paper.

What’s the Right Article Critique Format?

It’s very important to know the format because the whole article is structured accordingly. To come up with the right approach, we asked our gurus about the article critique format they use. This is what they had to say – it takes a structured approach to write critiqued articles. You have to ensure that the following sections are always there in the critique:

A Good Article Critique Example You Can Follow

To further clarify your concept, we offer you a good way to start a critique paper. Feel free to follow the style of language and content used in our article critique example. Here’s how to start it:

The article ‘Three Men in the Rain’ by Nora Darcy is about single men looking for love in a foreign land. Nora has written over ten books on the themes of love and relationships, and this article has received much praise by her fans. Using an engaging short story, Nora has elaborated how being desperate for love can put one in danger.

Do You Need More Help to Write a Critique? – Let Us Know

We can write a perfect paper for you, just like the example of article critique you’ve just read. Tell us your instructions and upload or provide link to the article that has to be critiqued. The process to place the order is here:

It’s as simple as that! You can have a critique written for an article of your choice. Even if you would like us to edit an already written critique, you are free to place an order for editing. We commit to you that:

Our top writers are ready to assist you. So don’t delay getting their help. Call us now.

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