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Some Essentials on APA Literature Review Writing

As a student, you are likely to find yourself having to write an APA literature review. This is an essential section of any dissertation. However, writing it is expected to cause some challenges to students, especially for those who do not have a clue as to what it is. This is why we have provided a brief guide on how to write this section. But, first, students need to know what it is.

Understanding What Is a Literature Review APA?

The basic answer to the question, “what is a literature review APA?” is that it is a summary of what scientific research and other scholarly materials have to say about your topic. It is where a student includes the different views of various scholars concerning the study being conducted.

The APA format of any paper is the standard and academically acceptable way of providing citations in the field within which a student is studying.

The Basics on How to Write a Literature Review APA

When learning how to write a literature review APA, the first thing you need to recognize is that there is a specific structure that needs to be adhered to. This structure of a literature review is divided into three. The introduction, the body, and the conclusion of the literature review.

The Normal Literature Review Format

In the first section of the literature review, a student first has to have, the introduction. This is where they are supposed to start by providing the topic statement. This is to show the main focus of the thesis. From there, the student is then supposed to reduce the scope for the reader, such that they can know what is included and what is not. After this, you introduce the points or topics that will be the subject of discussion by use of the sources you have selected.

Next is the body. This is where all the topics introduced are elaborated upon by the writer.

Finally, in the last part of our literature review format, we have a brief conclusion. Here, provide a summary of the agreements and also contradictions that have been raised from the literature. From there, give an overview of the conclusions that you have derived from the research.

How to Undertake APA Style Literature Reviews

There are a few steps in the process of taking on APA style literature reviews. We have narrowed them down into four.

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